Happy New Year 2023!

Handsome Bunny Shop wishes you a Happy New Year 2023

Dear readers, customers, friends and loved ones,

I wish you a very happy new year 2023! What sweetness awaits you, the realization of your dreams and good health to savor all of this with passion.

It's a very emotional start to the year for me. The results of my first year by your side are done, and I am quietly preparing the 2023 schedule!

I have so many new things in store for you and a thousand project ideas are swarming in my mind. I can't wait to share them with you!

One thing is certain this year more than ever, our live meeting on Instagram is at the heart of my priorities because it allows me to discuss with you your ideas, desires, expectations or even feedback on my creations.

I make it a point of honor to enrich the rabbit collection and above all to develop the guinea pig and cat range that has been waiting for so long!

One thing is certain, 2023 will be a year of growth, development and creations.

I look forward to meeting you on Monday, January 9 to attack this beautiful year by your side,

See you soon,

Fleur - Your creator of unique accessories for your exceptional little companions

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